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Moorish Islamic Theocratic Institute  

 Our mission is to educate faithful and creative future leaders in the faith of Islam."


A Private Online Islamic School to teach the pure faith of Islam from a Moorish American Islamic Perspective. Our primary goal is just to inform, educate and uplift in presenting a strong platform for Dedicated Students to achieve enrich and applied an understanding of Religion and Moorish American History, Customs and Tradition, Nationality and Government structure. 

"MITI instructors are passionate about engaging their students; challenging and reframing theological and social thought; driving positive transformation in order to serve as a benefit to humanity."

Grand Goverenss

Yssis Saadi El, MSW

The faith of Islam cannot be taught it is something we hold within that needs to be  ignited in order for our spirit to shine."   

Our Philosophy

We welcome you to experience connecting the line that unites Divinity and Matter.


Our courses goes beyond common knowledge our lessons reflects years of accredit scholarship and Divine wisdom   


Your generous contributions not only allow us to continue but strive in building institutions to educate Moorish Moslems while  glorifying Allah.  

At MITI each graduate leaves with the mandate of a great commission and unmatched preparation for deploying the Everlasting Gospel of Islam to a dramatically changing world.

The Line that Unites Divinity & Matter

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Moorish Islamic Theocratic Institute  


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