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“Ramadan” Moorish American Moslems Honoring Our Own

Many within the faith of Islam following the prescribed customs of Sunni Muslims who observe Ramadan during the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Ramadan month of observance in Al-Islam is not a fixed month as it will change based on the Islamic lunar calendar. The views of the one God is not seen the same to all however as Moorish American Moslems we are given one direction in our understanding practice and prescribe measures of our faith “Islamism” which we all must see Allah alike. Moorish Americans who seek to uphold teachings and customs of Al-Islam seem to be lacking basic understanding and having a dedicated spirit. The mere fact that our beloved Prophet Drew Ali provided Moo

My Exodus from The Moorish Science Temple of America. Inc

A written account from Bro. Christopher Bennett-Bey expresses candidly why he left The Moorish Science Temple of America Inc. (aka, 34 group, MSTA1913) headquartered within Washington DC under the leadership of R. Jones Bey. The Beginning of The End My first encounter with the Chief Minister/Shaykh Ra Saadi El Present Supreme Grand Sheik of The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928. Elihu said to Mary and Elizabeth “there are no happening, that law governs all events”. So when I look back on my first conversation with the Chief Minister Bro. Ra Saadi El, I realize this was a conversation that had to happen and could not have happen any other way. It started with a phone call from Bro. JL Wi

Don't Forget About Us

Our Moorish Islamic community (Study Group #5) located in St. Thomas VI, is asking that you don't forget about them. Over past several weeks’ cities, township and communities has undergone devastation due to nature fury of hurricanes. We have witness the destruction in real time due to live news stream; people are still missing, families are still homeless and communities remain without clean drinking water, food and shelter. At present the Virgin Islands resembles a war torn country; known for its breathtaking beautiful beaches it will be years before it is able to lure tourist as a vacation paradise. We are humble in seeking financial support for our Moorish Islamic community “Study Group

Not Moorish American

However, no matter how many news articles or social media postings displaying a plethora of failed attempts of those executing “Right-to Roa

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