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August 22, 2019


Islam!! Welcome to the Journey!!

As a New Member living as a Moorish American Moslem there is much to learn and unlearn, as the process will present some challenges, however you are not alone. As an Active Member you will have ample opportunity to discover much with dir...

May 23, 2019


There is a surge within the Moorish American diaspora of unity within its check and balance. How can any form of unity become workable if there is an inclusion of all ideas, personalities, and immoral behavior? How can anyone whose life as a Moorish American that is an...

March 19, 2019



Our Moorish Islamic community hearts are heavy about the horrific incident that took place at the Mosque located in Christ Church, New Zealand. However, our prayers are uplifted in unity to glorify Allah. We extend support and love to our Brothers and Sisters in...