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Membership Dues is but a mere $63.00 a month plus $10.00 Per Capita Tax. Total ($73.00 a Month). We are not under the same economics dictates of the 1920s which was the time era of our Beloved Prophet Drew Ali. We based our Membership dues at a cost which is quite minimal based upon today’s economy.


We do welcome any and all donations to The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 as it will take great finance to build our Nation and every bit helps. The Dues is but a small amount compared to what we spend on naught.


Our Moorish Community cannot nor will not flourish on a mere  .50cents to $10 a month dues as other Moorish Temples would have their Members pay; how ridiculous and disrespectful to place such a minute value on something that is priceless.


All Membership Dues and General Donations assist greatly to keep the basics mechanics of our Temples operational and provide support to the Temple businesses, outreach programs and extend aid to those in need. 


You will be guided receiving understanding about your Moorish Nationality, the Pure Faith of Islam and History of your forefathers. You will have the opportunity to enroll in the elite University of The Moorish Science Temple of America (UMSTA). 


It is Required That...


  • Brothers are to have wives and not girlfriends/ Sisters to have Husbands and not boyfriends 

  • All Fathers MUST!! care for their children period!! 

  • All Member is to live an upright, spiritual and moral way life.

We hold to a STRICT adherence to our faith of Islam, our beloved Prophet Drew Ali Rules & Regulations; we hold to the pure teachings of Prophet Drew Ali.



Why would anyone join something they do not understand; they cannot explain nor can they defend; that should seem unintelligent for anyone.


All Members will have the opportunity to purchase the Membership Guide Book which explains the full duties of a Member; definition of terms we use; the Temples Governmental structure and description of all officers positions; a complete guide for all members in knowing and not guessing.


All Member has access to the MSTA-1928/Members Only Private Group-site which is our online communication hub to keep Members informed of upcoming community events, lessons, download passed recording of Holyday services and Sunday school, post questions, get involved in discussions, interact with other members, access to forms, eBooks and much more.


Allow your decision to join Us to be an informed decision and not one of emotion . Compare what we have to other Moorish Groups; we encourage you to visit Moorish Science Temples meet with the leadership and membership. Ask to see original documents dated during the time of Prophet Drew Ali, ask for the lineage of the present National leader in seeing if it is traced directly back to Prophet Drew Ali.


See if Temple groups have years of works within their Communities. Any Moorish Science Temple of America National Head will have over 25+ years of continued leadership along with noted service in uplifting fallen humanity. We give all our Members with a maximum of Truth it is up to every Member to make or mere their future.

We have provided a brief synopsis of the Membership requirements; we advise anyone seriously seeking membership to visit a Temple during Friday holy-day services attend a few meetings, meet with the members and the Grand Sheik of the Temple; allow your decision to be based on truthful information and not an hornets nest of fictional Moorish sovereignty straw-man nationalization scams.


Planning Travels

No Temples In Your Area?

"No Worries We have a Great Solution for That"


If you are sincerely seeking membership within The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928, and there are no Temples within your area to attend a meeting we have provided a solution which will enable to take up full membership from your location.


The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 ONLY provides Membership forms to people who are presently incarcerated, there are no such Membership forms that are presented. If there are no Temples within your immediate area you are expected to visit any of our Temples or Study Groups within (12) months of your active Membership; it is important that You See Us and We See You. ​​


​​Below is a form to set up an inquiry call; we ask that you first read our website completely before setting up an inquiry call about membership we placed enough information in order to address basic questions. Once we receive your submission you will receive an email confirmation of the date and time you have chosen.


​Please read through our entire website; compare our information to other Moorish sites; remember​​​ You MUST make the call on the day and time you selected.

UCC or Naturalization Documents





Such paperwork to file in the Courts

Straw-man to Claim

Natural Person to Proclaim

Right-to-Road Travel

Peace and Friendship Treaty

Sovereignty or Indigenous Status

Jurisdictional Status

Mason or Kemetic Science Teachings


Dr. York or C.M Bey Teachings

Zodiac or Astrology Teachings

No Legitimate Moorish Science Temple of America ​will EVER! ask for Your:

  • Drivers License or State ID Number

  • Your Social Security Number 

  • ​DNA Simple

  • Blood Type

  • Employment History 

  • Prison Record

  • ​Finger Prints

  • ​Mothers Maiden Name

  • Personal References 

  • Copies of your Birth Certificate or Marriage License


If asked to provide any of these documents you have set yourself up for identity theft. We encourage Anyone seeking to become an active Member of any Moorish Science Temple of America to visit the Temples directly, meet with the Members and leadership, call to make inquiries. Do not be fooled into filling out forms asking for your personal information to join The Moorish Science Temple.  


​Ask about the history of the present leadership and how they came to be the head of The Moorish Science Temple of America. Do Your Research never be afraid to ask questions. ​

Anyone who claims to be a Moorish American must be able to trace them self through the lineage of their present National Grand Sheik and Temple. Presently we have placed before you a list of the legal legitimate recognized Moorish Science Temple of America along with a very brief historical overview.


A Brief Historical account of

​The Moorish Science Temple of America 

​Original Factions

Brief History of the MSTA

Bro. Kirkman-Bey was the janitor of the Temple during the time of Prophet Drew Ali he was asked by Prophet Drew Ali to be his interpreter for the Sixth Annual Pan American Conference on Private International Law in Cuba; as he was then given the title to the effect of “Language Secretary”. Bro. Kirkman-Bey was never made a Sheik or given any official position by Prophet Drew Ali; he, however, was made an Adept due to him being placed within the affairs of the Prophet due to his visit in Cuba.


​Kirkman-Bey after a few years after the death of Prophet Drew Ali created his own a branch of The Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc. back in 1934 which came under a different set of rules and regulations separate from what Prophet Drew Ali already had previously established; presently the National leader of this branch in Bro. R. Jones-Bey who is headquartered in Washington D.C. They were considering having the largest groups of Moors; as over the years due to great division and ill moral acts within their body, many have resigned their membership which as cause the group it's continued decline.


Bro. John Givens-El  was the Prophet Drew Ali chauffeur; Bro. John Givens-El spent much time with the Prophet on the long drive across the country as the Prophet did travel regularly in establishing and checking up of Temple across the country. Bro. John Givens-El was never made a Sheik he, however, was made an Adept by Prophet Drew Ali. After the death of Prophet Drew Ali; Bro. John Givens-El in later years would then establish his form of The Moorish Science Temple of America. Inc; this was done in 1934; as he would also take on the name Bro. Prophet Drew Ali as he considered himself to be the reincarnation of Prophet Drew Ali; which his temples would later be referred to as the Reincarnated Temple.


​We give honors to Bro. John Givens-El as he kept to the pure teachings of Islam and under his leadership there was much Moorish Business established such as Moorish cafeteria, Moorish schools, Moorish grocery stores, Moorish shoe shops, and much other Moorish business his Moorish community was a tight-knit group. Over the years many splits came about within this group of Moors. ​​Presently its membership consist of a hand few of elderly Moorish Americans who keep much to themselves none of the original business remained as the generations who proceeded afterward did not keep to the format as many left the temples wanting to be worldly; the Present National head of the Reincarnated Moorish Science Temples are Bro. Willie Bey headquarters 3810 Wabash Ave, Chicago Ill and Bro. Ronald-Bey located in Atlanta GA.



Bro. Edward Mealy El was appointed directly by Prophet Drew Ali as the first Supreme Grand Sheik within The Moorish Science Temple of America. Bro. Edward Mealy El is found within many pictures with Prophet Drew Ali; he was known in holding fast to the rules, regulations, and laws laid down by the Prophet. After the death of Prophet Drew Ali Bro. Edward Mealy El was under enormous pressure from the members, mainly those who wanted to follow Bro. Kirkman-Bey; it went as far as Bro. Kirkman was taking E. Mealy El to court in the attempts of suing him; in wanting to take complete charge over the movement.


Bro. Edward Mealy El was the victor in the suite; but would succumb to the pressure by those who sought to go their way insisted of the Prophet way; which later resulted in him having a stroke. Unable to care for himself, his wife sent him down south to live with his family as she did not wish to be burden by her husband illness. The Moorish Science Temple of America under the rightful leadership of Supreme Grand Sheik Edward Mealy El would become dormant for many years; it wasn’t until the late 70’s early 80’s that the original The Moorish Science Temple of America would then show signs of life.


The Last Legitimate Moorish Temples


Many events occurred in the reestablishment's, which we will fast forward to the present day.


Bro. E. Braswell Bey is recognized as The Moorish Science Temple of America Supreme Grand Council (De`Facto); they changed from the status in which Prophet Drew Ali places the Temple and followed suit with the rest that was out of law in placing The Moorish Science Temple under the status of Inc. (Incorporated / 501c3); as he willfully contribute in the removal of Prophet Drew Ali Supreme Grand Body of The Moorish Science Temple of America.


Braswell Bey plot was to become a dictator over the entire movement; the Supreme Grand Body was in the way of his insidious plot; as such, he had to remove it. Though it was done illegally, he is responsible for separating himself from the Prophet and the Supreme Grand Body. Bro. E. Braswell Bey is, however, recognized as the National head of his group of Moors; however, he is considered (De`Facto) out of Law. He is Headquartered in Chicago Ill with no noted accomplishments nor any record of his appointment.  


Shaykh Ra Saadi El is the present 5th Supreme Grand Sheik of  The Moorish Science Temple of America representing the original Supreme Grand Body of 1928 established by Prophet Drew Ali as(De`Jure) in Law with its satellite headquarters in the State of Georgia. Shaykh Ra Saadi El appointment took place in October 2010; he is a noted historian and Islamic scholar. Receiving his teachings and early appointments directly from those appointed and entrusted by Prophet Drew Ali. Shaykh Ra Saadi El list of accomplishments surpasses his tenure within The Moorish Science Temple of America.   


Presently Shaykh Ra Saadi El is one of two Moorish elders in possession of original historical records and documentation of Prophet Drew Ali.  To receive a full unbiased account of The Moorish Science Temple of America historical record, we recommend you obtain a copy of  "The Controversial Years of The Moorish Science Temple of America" via


Bro. R. Jones-Bey is the present National leader of The Moorish Science Temple of America.Inc; which is headquartered in Washington D.C. referred to as the 1934 group. The 1934 Moorish group is under a different set of rules and regulations not established by Prophet Drew Ali by having a State Charter under a 501C3 status. They were considered the largest groups of Moors; over the years due to internal division and ill moral acts, many have resigned their membership, which as cause the group it's continued to decline. It has been stated that R. Jones-Bey has no known accomplishments as a Moorish leader nor seen adeptly knowledgeable about the faith of Islam practice by Moorish American Moslems.   


The Establishment of Bogus, Fake, Bootleg Temples, Groups of Moors. 


Charles Mosley Bey also was known as C. M Bey was put out of the Temple by Prophet Drew Ali; it was said that during a meeting Prophet was hearing the members within the Temple speak on things that were not taught nor accepted by him. He abruptly stopped the meeting and asked: “Who of you here believes what this man is teaching?”; as the man, the Prophet was referring to was C. M. Bey.


It was said the C. M Bey was teaching the Zodiac and Masonry among other things that were not accepted nor taught by The Prophet. The Prophet exclaimed in a mighty voice to those who raised their hands when he asked the question; “I should kill you ALL.”.


Prophet Drew Ali was furious of this madness being brought into the Temple; he then said anyone who believes this man can leave with him. Charles Mosley Bey was kicked out of The Moorish Science Temple of America by Prophet Drew Ali; C. M. Bey was never made and Adept nor did he never held any official position within the Temple other than “Member.”


After he was kicked out of The Moorish Science Temple of America, he would later form his band of foolishness called the Moorish Culture Club; which later give birth to many bootleg groups you presently see today. Such as the Great Seal Clock of Destiny, The Moorish National Affairs, The Muurs, Those who teach the UCC, Straw man, Right to Road Travel, and anything else that deals with the European Christian Knight Order of East and West.


We just gave what would be considered The Moorish Science Temple of America history in a nutshell; as the full accounts to all these events can be experienced by seeing the actual documentation to which Chief Minister Dr. Ra Saadi El has collected over the many years as a dedicated member and student of those who was taught by Prophet Drew Ali. 


Anyone who claims to be a Moorish America must trace their present leadership directly back to the Prophet through actual succession and not self-appointment.


Presently we are the ONLY Moorish Science Temple of America that has to maintain the original doctrine the Divine Plan of the Age; our members can explain their nationality, their faith of Islam; and positive law as our works, acts and deeds speak for themselves. Remember it’s not what you claim but what you claim is claiming you back. We hold to strict adherence's to Prophet Drew Ali Laws and will point out the enemies of Truth who speak against the Prophet and his teachings.


We hope to shade light and to bring understanding about what took place after the death of Prophet Drew Ali; to our advantage, we have actual documentation that gives light to all that we stated on this website. We welcome any challenges (people of scholarship) about anything we have said over the years.





  • The Grand Sheik of a legitimate Moorish Science Temple of America must be able to trace themselves through the line of succession starting from Prophet Drew Ali first appointment of Supreme Grand Sheik Edward Mealy El on to their present National Head. They should have correct documentation, so show each succession. 

  •  All Heads of Temples MUST! Be obligated (Married) this is a requirement instituted by Prophet Drew Ali. 

  • All Temples MUST! Have Friday Holyday Services and Sunday School; along with Koranic Classes and Adept Classes. 

  • Any legitimate Moorish Science Temple of America would have Temple archives of actual documents and artifacts that are dated back during the time of Prophet Drew Ali; as this would have been passed down from one Grand Sheik to the next in the line of succession. 

  • Any legitimate Moorish Science Temple of America is to confirm all its members to the teachings; where they could not only hear it but see it. Its members are to learn the pure faith of Islam, which is the first religious creed. Before there was an Egypt, there was the Holy City of Mecca, which was founded by the Moors who brought the pure faith of Islam with them into Egypt. 

  • Any legitimate Moorish Science Temple of America would have a strict order in adherence to Prophet Drew Ali Rules & Regulations. 

  • You should see ongoing growth and development within a Moorish Science Temple. 

  • Any legitimate Moorish Science Temple of America its members should be able to contact the National Leadership. 

  • In any legitimate Moorish Science Temple of America you will NOT see any teachings of Dr. (Doom) Malachi York, Egyptian Kemetic teachings, UCC, Moorish Masons, Moorish Sovereignty and holding up the hypocrite Elihu Pleasant-Bey aka (Nathaniel Bey or Nate) or the teachings of Timothy or Richardson Dingle-El who believe that Abraham Lincoln was a prophet and many other backward teachings; D. Baily El who was kicked out the Temple by Braswell Bey for his ungodly ways. The Truth will always bring more people against you than for you; we are not about fame or popularity; Truth needs NO support!

  • A legitimate Moorish Science Temple of America would speak out and loud against anyone who is against Allah, Islam & Prophet Drew Ali. They will expose those who have used Prophet Drew Ali teachings and mixed it with false teachings to tick people out of the money and their salvation.

    This list has continued to grow over the years;  it is our duty to inform anyone who is seeking to join the MSTA about anyone who is not a true Moorish America. We are not afraid of pointing out anyone who teaches against Allah, Islam, and Prophet Drew Ali. 


  • A legitimate Moorish Science Temple of America teaches that just because someone has a Bey or El on their name does not make them a Moorish American nor being considered our Brothers or Sister; according to the teachings of Prophet Drew Ali; "Just because you have my skin does not make you my kin." 


A legitimate Moorish Science Temple of America membership is well in their appearance able to express themselves intelligently; explain their Nationality,  living the faith of Islam and intimating the only American born Prophet Noble Drew Ali. We have seen over the years many claim themselves self-taught that they do not need to be in a Temple, nor do they need to receive guidance. We say look at the life of such a person; what do they own? How are they living? They give simple lip services to something they are not part of nor understand. 



They have become a god to themselves independent of the Divine Teaching of Prophet Drew Ali which comes directly from Allah. No one can get around The Moorish Science Temple of America Divine Constitution and By-Laws; it is the cornerstone of the Moorish Nation. We say there is no way to fully learn the true teaching of Prophet Drew Ali via the Internet; we encourage you to visit a legitimate Moorish Science Temple to hear and see for yourself.


If you were in a major accident that causes you to need emergency surgery we are very sure that you would not seek out someone who learned surgical procedures by reading a few books and watching YouTube. We are very sure you would have a few choice words for them; why is it not the same when it comes to someone knowing about their spirituality and nationality according to the founder of The Moorish Science Temple of America?  


We have and will continue to speak out against those who have used The Moorish Science Temple of America to cover their dirty and ungodly ways; if you wish to refute anything we have said or placed on any of our websites feel free to contact us; as we never back down from any challenges.


As Jesus said, "I Have not come to bring peace but a Sword!"

Last Legitimate MSTA
Few things to Know
Establishment of Bootlag Temples

Recommended Book

History of The
Moorish Science Temple of America

The Controversial Years of The Moorish Science Temple of America Book
The Controversial Years of The Moorish Science Temple of America Book


Your Journey

If You Still Have Questions About Membership Please Contact Us.

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