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There have been many definitions in regards to the single faith of Islam. What does it really mean? With each definition being diverse is merely due to those who have disrupted it’s meaning of peace. The called self-appointed Islamic scholars here in the West as well as the East has authored confusion in giving birth to more definitions to a single idea.


​Prophet Drew Ali taught us a pure faith of Islam and not an Arabian conception shrouded in foreign customs, traditions, and practices. The faith of Islam practice by true Moorish American Moslem's is of a Sufiatic (Sufi) form of Islam with in adherence to the divinity and spiritual essence in one belief and practice.


​Islamism: means the continuation of our system of belief that adjusts with each time era. It is not locked down to the time of Prophet Mohammed, reminding dormant and holding to outdated Arab customs and understanding.   



As Moorish American Moslems; we are compelled to follow the one person who brought us out of darkness into the marvelous light of day. Others who propagate Al-Islam (Arabian) did not one came to our people here in the West (USA) to promote the faith of Mohammed. It was none other than Prophet Drew Ali who actually introduced a translation of the faith of Mohammed in the West in circa1913 A.D.


​Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s translation is ultimately the best of all of, as it did not infuse the customs of Arab Muslim into our way of Islamic practice. When you imitate a people you become those whom you inmate; Islam is not a faith that comes to change your culture or names; it is a simple faith to moralize your condition.














​Islam teach us that the supreme duty and responsibility of living at peace with one’s surroundings. Islam is preeminently the religion of Peace; its translation is Peace with the action of total submission to the One True God Allah. The goal of man’s life, according to Islam, is peace with everything. Allah placed a substitute for Himself within the garden of Peace; when everything was created in Peace and being at Peace.


​Islam gets its name from the beginning of time before there was a man created from the soil this is when Islam was truly founded when the first man submitted to Allah. The great God of the universe Allah created on earth the very first degree of peace in a place called Eden. It was a place of total peace in submission to the One God Allah; where a Lion and Lamb would lay down and when morning came neither were harmed.


​Islam does not support the idea that man was born in sin; rather that the world that man is born in is evil and wicked; but not the man. Evil in most cases among the Asiatic (Non-European) is a learned position; to take a moral position is his true nature.


​Islam teaches that man is born with the unlimited capacities for progress within his development. It teaches that every man has within him the seed of perfect development, it rest solely with man to make or mark his fortune. This is referred when Christians say, “Greater is he in men than he who is in the world”.  

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Islam is a very simple faith. It requires man to recognize his duties toward God Allah, his Creator and his fellow creatures. It is preeminently the religion of living at peace with one’s surroundings. The goal of a man’s life, according to Islam is peace with everything. Peace with Allah and peace with man.


The Koran, the Holy Book of Islam, tells us that final abode of man is the “House of peace where no vain word or sinful discourse will be heard". The Holy Divine Prophet Noble Drew Ali says that a follower of Islam in the true sense of the word is one whose hands, tongue and thoughts do not hurt others.


Object of man’s life according to Islam is its complete unfoldment. Islam teaches man is born with unlimited capacities for progress. Islam does not support the idea that man was born in sin. It teaches that every one has within him the seed of perfect development and it rests solely with himself to make or mar his fortune.


The cardinal doctrine of Islam is the unity of the Father ALLAH. We believe in one God. Allah who is All God. All Mercy, and All Power. He is perfect and holy. All Wisdom. All Knowledge, and All Truth. These are some of His great attributes so far as we can understand.


He is free from all defects, holy and transcendent. He is nevertheless, impersonal. Because He is infinite, perfect, and Holy, we do not believe that death, decay, or sleep overtake Him, neither do we believe that He is a helplessly inactive and inert force. Nothing happens without his knowledge and will. He neither begets nor is He begotten, because these are the traits of frail weak humanity.


This unity of Allah is the first and foremost pillar of Islam and every other belief hangs upon it. [An article from the Moorish Literature]

Numerous books has been authored by renowned Moorish historian, Leader, Teacher and Islamic Scholar; Shaykh Ra Saadi El. He has well over 40 years actively invested within The Moorish Science Temple of America; rising from the ranks as a dedicated student under those who were taught directly by Prophet Drew Ali. Shaykh Ra Saadi El has given all Moorish Americans and those seeking a truthful understanding direct access to the history and teachings of Prophet Drew Ali. We invite you to learn more by making the suggested books part of your study.   

Recommended Books           

1. There is but one Allah, the author, the creator, the governor of the world; almighty , eternal, and incomprehensible.


2. The sun is not Allah, though his noblest image. He enlighteneth the world with his brightness; his warmth giveth life to the products of the earth. Admire him as the creature, the instrument of Allah, but worship him not.


3. To the one who is supreme, most wise and beneficent, and to Him alone, belong worship, adoration, thanks giving and praise.


4. Who hath stretched forth the heavens with His hands, who hath described with his finger the courses of stars.


5. Who setteth bounds to the ocean, that it cannot pass; and saith unto the stormy winds: "Be still."



(A few verse from Chapter 35
from the Holy Koran of MSTofA)​​




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