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Customary Salat for All Moorish American Moslems

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Our Culture, Customs

& Practice

5:00AM – 7:30AM

​Sunrise & Opening 
Congregational Prayer (Salat)

Allah, The Father of the Universe, The Father of Love,
Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice, Allah My Protector,
My Guide and My Salvation By Night and By day,
Through His Holy Prophet Drew Ali. Amen


12:00PM -3:00PM

​Noon day Prayer (Salat)

O’ Allah don’t let me become weak of mind nor faint of heart in the midst of this day, O’ Allah let me not fall to Temptation, Give me the strength to turn my cheek away from all evil conversation and idol works and deeds, Give me the strength to continue to Glorify Thy Holy Name. Amen


7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

​Evening & Closing
Congregational Prayer (Salat)

Allah bind our hearts and minds back to our Ancient Forefathers Divine Creed and Principles, We ask this in
Thy Holy name and the Seven Elohim

Also be said at the end of All meetings not to be repeated;
only spoken aloud by the one closing the meeting.


JAN 8th

JAN 15th

MAR 17th

​Moorish Saviors Day Our Beloved ​Prophet Drew Ali’s Memorial ​
(His birthday)

Our Moorish New Year

Memorial for the Moors who were Driven out of Ireland

APR 1st

Memorial in recognition of the day, in 1774, that our Nationality began to be stripped from us via a legislative process

MAY 17th

National Moabitess Day
(Celebrating All Moorish Sisters)

JUL 20th

Moorish American Independence Day 

AUG 17th

 Remembrance of the Honorable ​Marcus Mosiah Garvey

OCT 4th

​Moorish Fathers Day ​

​Our Moorish month of Ramadan. ​

OCT 1st - 31st

 Friday - Is Holy Day for Moslem's All Over the World
Sunday - For Sunday School​​


All Pork and Pork based products are forbidden * Any Fish without scales are forbidden * Strong Alcoholic Drinks are forbidden * Smoking of any kind ​forbidden


Moorish Americans Moslem's within our community practice a Sufi form of Islam; which is based on the Divine teachings of our Prophet Drew Ali. We do not adhere to an Arabianized form of Islamic teachings, custom, and practices simply because we are not Arab Muslims. We are Moorish American Moslems a proud people that was sent our own beloved Prophet Dew Ali, who brought our faith of Islam and our Holy Koran in the language and customs of our understandings.

However, we use certain Al-Islamic (Arab) terminology do to our teachings being of a highly spiritual understanding about the faith of Islam as taught by Prophet Mohammed.

​ Deen & Da’wah

Our Way of Life Points of our Faith and Practices


1. Shahadahtain(Declaration of Faith)  (First)Shahada-There is no Allah but Allah!! (Second)Shahada-  Allah has blessed all Moorish American Moslem with a Prophet of their race ,nationality and spoken language Prophet Drew Ali is our guide to and within Islam. Our Prophet brought us our faith Islam in our tongue a Prophet is raisin from his own people knowing all to well their horrific state in showing them how to save themselves. This makes up our complete Shahadahtain. See Surah 10:47-49 "And for every nation is a messenger. So when their messenger comes, it will be judged between them in justice, and they will not be wronged."  


2.Salat (Praying) three times a day Morning/Noon/Evening which is Quranically correct. Now the significance of praying is the establishment of a personal relationship with thy Creator God-Allah, who is Almighty. Through prayer and the exercise of sincere thought, it is putting into practice creating conduct of total peace in connection with the spirit within.


The humbleness it also brings about in one's character, as well as asking for divine guidance. Accepting it as it comes, is the ultimate blessing. There are (3) different prays given by Our Prophet, Drew Ali.  


3. Zakat (Charity) Giving to the Poor and sick collection, as well as the giving of one’s self by Night and by Day truthfully. Aims (the act of giving) in the act of giving, one receives much more than when one receives from another, it is not thy hand a miracle and should be a benefit to the uplifting of fallen humanity.


Help to the uplifting of self and family, as well as a benefit in the society in which one lives. The hands should set to glorify Allah and to hold up our Holy Prophet Drew Ali. Thus all members in this Divine Movement must be willing to give their lives as human sacrifices in Allah’s Divine cause.


4. Ramadan (Fasting) Not merely from eating but from all carnal things. We observe our Ramadan  Every October 1st -31st/Sunrise 7 am- Sunset 7 pm. We of all people have suffered the most, and have been up under a fast that no other people or Prophet has had to go through by force. Fasting was and is geared for those periods; however, there are other forms of fasting, which is far more spiritual than a physical denial of substance for the human body. The spiritual and moral fasting cleans the soul giving us the manifested mastery over carnal things. 


5. Hajj (Pilgrimage) meeting Allah “Key 4”; A Moorish American Moslem should hajj to our Moorish Mecca during convention time, which is our physical hajj. The spiritual hajj is meeting with Allah in the most sacred of places; within the heart of our mind.


Our Holy Prophet, Drew Ali, stated that Chicago Illinois was going to be our New Holy City,
we as Moorish American Pilgrimage to Chicago Illinois, as this is our Holy City in these modern days. We do not need to travel to the city appointed by Mohammed, who was a Prophet of Allah some 1400 years ago. 


6. Jihad (Mastering our Lower-selves) Gaining self-discipline and fulfilling ones Divine Duty removes a lot of former sins as well as keep your form performing new ones.


7. Iman (Being faithful and true) to one's Belief in Allah, and Allah’s Prophets, Books, Angels, etc. Our Religion is Islamism; we should not simply give lip service; however, provide a service whereas all those around us know what we are about.


8. Da’wah(Propagating) the Religion of Islam. As it is written within the Holy Noble Quran that Allah will bless those called to the FAITH. Those who stay home doing nothing are not seen as equal to those who Da’wah.


9.  Khutba (Preaching/Teaching) The Life, Works, and Divine Doctrine of our Savior the Great Prophet Ali, who is Jesus reincarnated in this era of time.


10. Deen (Din)means Debt or to owe; once said the height and depth of your Faithfulness and Religious demeanor. How well you practice your Religion and relationship to Allah, His Prophets, and Books, etc.


11. Shari’ah (Equal) Our Moorish Jurisprudence (system of laws which we live by), see The Moorish Divine Constitution and By-Laws; Additional Laws and another direct measure of instructing All Moorish American to adhere by from our Holy Prophet Drew Ali.


12. Halal Divine principles of Laws making our five Divine principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. These are the Divine Principles by which we make our Laws, Rules, and Regulations by.


13. Mubah (Righteousness Thinking) Determination; choices and what we measure the unknown by. The unknown are those things which are not defined or made clear to act or not to act on. The outcome is the same, or what has not been written as being Haram.


14. Haram (Forbidden to do) see (Sura 2:173 and Sura 5:4) a protection area, an inviolable place in which certain behavior necessary.


15. Ijtihad - Means what is on your heart. Once Prophet Mohammed asked his closet Shaba's how would they judge men after him, and they said “By what is on our Hearts"; Prophet Mohammed asked "then what is on your hearts"; they said; "that which Allah has given unto you and you unto us.” For this is a Sufi term that is both equal and superior to that of the Sunni and Shiite term being Mubad; which means by logical deduction based on what you know of the Quran and Hadiths of Prophet Mohammed.


16. Tawheed - Means Union. Divine Unity (Ahad) Absolute oneness, in Sufism a greater possibility of being able to do, becoming one with Allah as man is but a thought of Allah and so hold within him all the true attributed of Allah as all seeds hold within themselves.


The essence of that from which they came while they are not the seed planter themselves yet they are as perfect as the source from which they sprang; yea as Allah is the Truth. Man can be true and Faithful to Allah, and to Allah along he shall return, and you cannot return to where you did not originally originate.


Our ultimate goal as Moorish American Moslem's is to attain Tawheed`Allah; which means the Complete Oneness with Allah.

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