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Degree Courses


 "Allah formed thee as He formed these; after them all wert thou created; superiority and command were given thee over all, and of His own breath did he communicate to thee the principle of knowledge.

Know thyself and the pride of His creation, the line uniting divinity and matter; behold a part of Allah Himself within thee; remember thine own dignity; nor dare descend to evil or to meanness." HKMSTA

MITI Degree Courses will qualify any rightful Moorish American Moslem as an accredited leader to head MSTA study groups, Temples, and Grand Temples. This will also give members within the MSTA a strong foundation to build upon with having fortified tested knowledge about the faith of Islam, religious history and factual accounts of the MSTA documented history.     
Our Courses cover the span of 12 months each degree course is designed for challenging studies within the faith, history, customs, and law of Islam. MITI is set up as a blended learning environment on-line school. As a student, you will be led in the lesson by your instructors via posted assignments, videos, audio, and live conference call classrooms that will be attached to live video streaming.

You will have direct online access as a MITI student to all your lessons, assignments, and quizzes; MITI is accessible on all smartphone and tablet devices. You will have the ability to dialog with other students and the instructors, at MITI we believe in an open door learning experience.

Enrollment & Assessment Exam Fee: $49

Online Course Monthly Tuition: $129

Enrollment and Tuition fees are non-refundable, all course materials i.e. Ebook’s, PDF, and Videos are included. Students are responsible to obtain any additional reference or suggested books as a general aid to assist with studies. MITI policies and student’s responsibilities can be viewed directly on MITI online school website upon enrollment activation.   

Islamic Degree: 9 months 

(The Moorish Islamic 101 & Advanced 102 is a prerequisite)

For all beginners and seasoned members within the Moorish Science Temple of America needed a more concentrated involvement in mastering their present understanding of Islam from a Moorish perspective. The Islamic Degree is intended not only to challenge you but to strengthen your core understanding in converting general options into the accurate interpretation. No more guessing and blindly the following interpretations of those who are not qualified to teach or have any understanding.   

Mohammedan Degree: 9 months 

​(The Islamic degree is a prerequisite): For advancing students in Islam the Mohammed degree takes you into the following application of religious studies. This course will assist you in utilizing the tools needed to efficiently deliver thought-provoking khutbahs (sermons) and the ability to debate subject matters on faith, religion, and Moorish American history adequately. You will be able to effectively recall Islamic historical events using Islamic doctrine as a way to fact check various sources relating to Islamic history. This course will also teach the advanced knowledge of all the Prophets of Allah listed on the nationality cards of all Moorish Americans using religious doctrine while incorporating interfaith experience.   

Ali Degree: 9 months 

(The Mohammedan degree is a prerequisite) In the mastering of Islamic studies. This level is the comparison to a Master's Degree of Islam, and Religious Studies, it is to adeptly qualify, strengthen and prepare any Moorish Americans to become experienced leaders and heads of their Islamic communities. Formulate effective leadership skills with a strong understanding of the faith of Islam, religious history, Islamic jurisprudence, and governmental structure of The MSTA. To go beyond the knowledge of the Moorish American Movement into Moorish American Nation-building. Learning the exchange of effective dialog among other leaders is a must to develop faith-based coalitions in working towards community improvements.               

MITI Registration

101 Moorish Islamic Studies

10 Lessons

  • Enrollment Fee: $25

  • Online Course 10 Lessons (Flat Fee): $470

  • Each Lesson is $47

  • Lessons Paid in Blocks of 2's: $94

    ***For Correspondent Course Students there is an additional fee to cover shipping & handling, click on registration for the full tuition payment schedule 


102 Advance Moorish Islamic Studies

15 Lessons

  • Enrollment Fee: $25

  • Online Course 15 Lessons (Flat Fee): $525

  • Each Lesson is $47

  • Lessons Paid in Blocks of 3's: $141

One time Enrollment fee is included in the first block of lessons and full payment of course. Enrollment and Tuition fees are non-refundable, all course materials i.e. Ebook’s, PDF, and Videos are included. Students are responsible to obtain any additional reference, required, and suggested books. MITI policies and student’s responsibilities can be viewed directly on the MITI online school website upon enrollment activation.   

Enroll Today for the 

Moorish Islamic  Studies Course

The 101 & 102 Moorish Islamic Studies covers a plethora of lessons that any Moorish American will find to be valuable giving great support to the rich history of the MSTA and the faith of Islam. We fashioned our course to support a self-paced platform while still providing you with an active content of dialog with the instructors, teachers aids, and alumnus. There will be homework, test, quiz, and exam throughout the course. If you miss any of the scheduled class live streams you will be able to review the recordings 24/7. Upon completion of the Moorish Islamic course 101 or 102, you will receive an official Certification and will be registered as a MITI Alumni.    

A Summary of the

101 Moorish Islamic Studies

Lessons  1 -10


Covering the 5-pillar of Islam from a Moorish American perspective, Understanding the concept of Nationality in what actually did Prophet Drew Ali return to us and how.   


Understanding our Moorish Islamic Governmental structure and how Prophet Drew Ali positioned the duties of the leadership, Sheiks, Governors, Grand Sheik, etc.   


A Complete breakdown in connecting Scripture, Social, Historical and Spiritual Insight   

3. 101 KEYS- 1 THROUGH 20, ACT 1 & 2

4. HOLY KORAN OF THE M. S. T OF A Chapter 1-10

5. 101 KEYS- 20 THROUGH 40, ACT 3 & 4


7. 101 KEYS – 40 THROUGH 60, ACT 4, 5  & 6


9. 101 KEYS – 60 THROUGH 101, ACT 7, Chapter 20-30


A Summary of the

102 Advanced Moorish Islamic Studies

Lessons  1 -15

(101 Moorish Islamic Course is a Prerequisite)

  1. Introduction to MITI: Welcoming New MITI students to what will be covered within the 15 Lessons.

  2. Brief History the MSTA: History of past and present Leadership and the growth of the MSTA.

  3. Customs & Traditions: of Moorish American Moslems such as general Temple etiquettes as how Moslems should carry themselves in public and private. 

  4. How to Learn, How to Study: Understanding our learning materials and to apply them to an understanding of the level as a Moorish Moslem.

  5. Knowing Our Religious Canons: Circle 7, what we refer as our “Old Testament”; chapters and surahs of particular importance.

  6. History of “Buddha” and “Confucius”: Life and Teachings will show the comparisons of lessons.

  7. History of “Mohammed” and “Jesus: Life and Teachings with the impact it has had on Islam.  

  8. The Life, Works & Teachings of Prophet Drew Ali: The very start of our Prophet journey to the MSTA coming to fruition in 1928.

  9. Saint Marcus Mosiah Garvey: Understanding his philosophies and opinions, and why did our Prophet deem him as the modern John the Baptist.   

  10. How are we Sufis?: Understanding the concepts of Sufism how it plays an intrinsic role within our faith of Islam.

  11. MSTA Divine Constitution & By-Laws: What form of government did our Prophet set us up as, understanding the Temples appointed positions.   

  12. Why is Nationality Important?: Getting a strong understanding of what it is to be a Moorish American, how are we seen within the USA.

  13. Duties of Membership: Understanding the obligations and duties to the MSTA.  

  14. Moorish American Adept-hood: How to go from Member to Adept. What are  MSTA Adept and their duties?   

  15. Conclusion: What have you Learned? Review / Q &A/ Final Exam

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