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Mother Is Calling Productions

Media Production Company


Mother Is Calling Productions was founded in 2003 with a high enthusiasm for creating spaces to host events not merely to entertain but with a passion to inform, educate and uplift. Connecting people to knowledge and information with the sincere intent to raise their understanding to promote human betterment. Mother Is Calling Productions is the creative entity for The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 with producing, directing and editing it's over two-decade television program “Islam In America A Moorish Perspective” feathered on PeopleTV an Atlanta Georgia cable network station. Mother Is Calling Production produces the publication and content featured on the “Moorish Islamic Store”; this also includes but not limited to a creating a host of visually engaging websites.

The Beautiful Mind behind Mother Is Calling Production

Yssis Saadi El received her degree in Electronics Technology in 1990,  she would spend close to fifteen years in service to the field of technology. However, her real passion would be in the service to humanity which came into fruition in 2003 with the founding of her first company Mother Is Calling Productions. Yssis received her certification as an Executive Producer through PeopleTV in 2004, a community cable network station located in Atlanta Georgia. She acquired varies certifications in film and video editing, technical director, photography just to name a few.


Yssis Saadi El is also the Co-founder and Sr. Director of Institutional Community Agenda Rebuilding and Empowering (ICARE) which provide support to prison inmates and their families. She served as a Minister (Imam) within The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928 since 2005 and a senior instructor at The Moorish Islamic Theocratic Institute (MITI).


As a Federal contractor for BOP, she has provided Moorish Islamic services and spiritual counseling to inmates within State and Federal Correctional Institutions. Yssis Saadi El is a passionate motivational speaker she is often asked to speak about the faith of Islam from a Moorish American perspective within the public and private sector. She is actively involved within several interfaith outreach communities; in 2012, she became a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA); which is a volunteer position appointed by judges to watch over and advocate for abused and neglected children.


Yssis Saadi El received her advance degree in Religious Studies from the Moorish Islamic Theocratic Institute (MITI) in 2005; a private Moorish Islamic school. She received a BS in psychology at the University of Phoenix and is currently pursuing an LCSW. She holds fast in bringing about solutions and not just talking about the problems.


I feel that people who work within their passion as a benefit to humanity serve as the most significant resource in bringing about change for the better.” (El, 2017)   

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