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Our Philosophy  

Shaykh Ra Saadi El

As a prepared Chief Spiritual Guide, Religious Teacher, and Moorish Moral Instructor, it is our responsibility to create lessons that are rooted in our adept skills and supported by the Divine teachings of our Holy Prophet Ali.


At MITI, our primary objective is to provide a comprehensive education in the profound sense of our religious creed of Islamism. Through this, we aim to inspire faithful and dedicated students to experience a profound awakening within themselves.


We intend to cultivate behavior that allows the divine essence within you to manifest acts of Moorish Islamic betterment, contributing to your moral growth and spiritual development. We firmly believe that understanding the pure faith of Islam and its historical context are essential components for any Muslim in their journey of self-discovery.

Through our teachings at MITI, we skillfully guide each student toward developing an elevated spiritual and moral awareness, equipping them with problem-solving abilities and leadership skills that are invaluable in life.
The ability to think critically is a vital skill that transcends disciplines and can greatly enhance your understanding of Islam and life in general. At MITI, we are dedicated to helping you cultivate this skill, as it is crucial in comprehending religious doctrine and uncovering pure Islamic insights that go beyond orthodox dogma.


We firmly believe in empowering our students to learn how to learn, enabling them to engage with religious teachings and discover profound truths that are detached from rigid beliefs. This approach fosters a deeper understanding of Islam and encourages independent thinking.


At MITI, we also emphasize the importance of critical thinking in relation to our world and our responsibilities toward humanity. We believe that nurturing this skill will not only benefit individual students but also contribute to the betterment of Islamic societies as a whole, as well as Asiatic societies in general.


We invite you to embark on a journey that connects the line between Divinity and Matter, where truth stands strong and independent, requiring no external support.

Truth Needs No Support

Allah will reward the people of truth for their truthfulness

The Koran states: There is no coercion in religion. Such a truth should open up for us new doors to understanding religion. How can anyone be forced to be attracted to a beloved, and how can anyone become a follower of a principle, if the motivation is not already always present in his heart?

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