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Our Philosophy  

Shaykh Ra Saadi El

It behooves us as a prepared Chief Spiritual Guide, Religious Teacher, and Moorish Moral Instructor to produce lessons based precisely upon our adept skill supported by the Divine teachings of our Holy Prophet Ali.

At MITI, our duty is to teach you thoroughly in the Science of our religious creed of Islamism. That by such means it would compel all faithful and studious students to produce a far more in-depth awakening within themselves.

This would be to instigate producing behavior that would allow your degree of the Allah within you to create acts of Moorish Islamic betterment; to be a benefit to your moral growth and spiritual development. We believe understating the pure faith of Islam and actual history is essential ingredients of any Moslem in the study of thyself.

At MITI, our teachings masterfully aid each student in developing a heightened spiritual and moral cognition to assist in life-solving and leadership skills. Such critical thinking is the ultimate transferable skill, one which can deepen your understanding in the studying of Islam and life in general. We help you learn how to learn, a crucial ability in understanding religious doctrine and discovery of pure Islamic insight that is detached from orthodox dogma.
At MITI, we believe in developing your ability to think critically about the world we live and our responsibility to humanity. For any MITI student, this would become a more significant benefit to the Islamic society as a whole and the Asiatic societies in general. We welcome you to experience connecting the line that unites Divinity and Matter.
“Truth does not need any Support.”

Truth Needs No Support

Allah will reward the people of truth for their truthfulness

The Koran states: There is no coercion in religion. Such a truth should open up for us new doors to understanding religion. How can anyone be forced to be attracted to a beloved, and how can anyone become a follower of a principle, if the motivation is not already always present in his heart?

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