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The gaining understanding always starts with insightful conversations.


 The gifts of the understanding are the treasures of Allah; and He appointed to every one his portion, in what measure seemeth good unto Himself.

Moorish Islamic Theocratic Institute

A Private Moorish Islamic Online School to teach the pure faith of Islam from a Moorish American perspective. Our primary goal is just to inform, educate, and uplift in giving a reliable platform for all Moorish Americans to gain enrich and applicable understanding about the faith of Islam, Moorish American history, nationality, and government structure.


MITI is part of the educational branch of The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928. We took great measures to assure that the operations of MITI reflect a superb educational institution that will guide Moorish American Moslems in an applied understanding of faith. At MITI we teach in a way that the lessons are a blended experience of words, acts, and deeds.


MITI instructors are passionate about engaging their students; challenging and reframing theological and social thought; driving positive transformation in to serve as a benefit to humanity. MITI seeks creative and curious students who are called to join our Islamic community to discern, learn, pray, minister, and serve their Temples and Allah.

MITI student will experience rigorous academics, with an admixture of interfaith fieldwork along with intentional reflection—a combination offered by no other Islamic institute of learning.

MITI instructors have received countless honors and recognition for their outreach work in State and Federal prisons, interfaith dialog, and community activism.

MITI instructors not only hold advanced degrees from higher learning secular institutions. Our instructors are proud alumni of the former University of The Moorish Science Temple of America, which has been rebranded to MITI. All MITI instructors have dedicated many years in service to their Moorish Islamic community while under the direct tutelage of renowned Moorish leader and scholar Shaykh Ra Saadi El.

Taking The Journey with 

To journey forward along the spiritual path under the guidance of a truthful teacher is a challenge by itself, yet it presupposes the greater challenge of making oneself ready for such a journey. To qualify oneself for spiritual traveling you must look inside and ask: "What is it that I am looking for; how resolved am I to accomplish my goal? Is it necessary for me to understand and learn about being a Moorish American Moslem, the history of The MSTA, and the faith of Islam; and who could guide me through this path of information and discovery?

Today, students and those who are interested in undertaking the journey of accurate knowledge and spirituality often seem more immediately interested in the teachers and their qualifications, rather than in their inner being and qualities. It is not said that the qualification of a teacher in Islam is not necessary as they are in the truest form deemed spiritual guides. The factor fundamental to the pursuit of any spiritual journey is the presupposition of a qualified student–that is to say, a student who is truthful in the heart and willing to take the step. More so within our school of thought, it is often stated to a student to “empty one's cup”.

Understanding the rules and the laws that govern not only the idea but the person is a   necessary beginning if one is to undertake the journey of the truth of religion. To pursue such an understanding of the presence of a truthful teacher who knows the way is one of the essential elements. There is a close correspondence between the two. Since the rule of balance or harmony is one of the most fundamental laws of being, ordering the universe surrounding us; therefore the purer the intention of the student, the more truthful shall be the teacher to guide him. Such a law makes it essential for any student of the heart too closely review his will, and make confident that truthful intention exists in his heart before taking the first steps along the path of greater spiritual truth.

Allah will reward the people of truth for their truthfulness, reads the Quran. Such a statement makes it not only clear but also extremely fundamental for the prospective follower of the path of spirituality to qualify himself for the journey. Remember, one receives whatever one provides: those who receive the bounty of the treasury of the Divine are also those who can truly appreciate it.

There is so much we can express about who we are; we rather you experience us by becoming a student at MITI.

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