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Historically Speaking

Why do so many Moorish Americans choose to avoid Moorish Islamic Historical Facts? We Welcome You to Join in the Conversation Tonight @ 7pm EST. YouTube Live Stream Channel: MSTA 1928

Religious Controversy

Shaykh Ra Saadi El gives a powerful explanation about the faith of Islam from a Moorish America Perspective. We invite you to follow us via our YouTube Channel at MSTA 1928. We also seek your support in assisting us in informing, educating and uplifting those who are seeking a truthful understanding of their present condition. We also have an active prison ministry that assists men and women who have discovered a better way of living in finding value within themselves. Please support at CASH APP $MSTA or PayPal we thank you in advance. Peace & Love in Prases to Allah

Inform. Educate. Uplift

If you are serious about knowing the TRUE History of The Moorish Science Temple of America and how the Controversy was created by the various Temple fractions after the passing of Prophet Drew Ali, then it is obvious that you will not haste about getting your copy of the Controverical Years of The Moorish Science Temple of America. Too many self-appointed Moorish historians and scholars had never heard from those who were actually taught direly by Prophet Drew Ali. No more assuming, guessing and debating about history, you have no knowledge of. Only available at the Moorish Islamic

Addressing Membership during Difficult Times

We have addressed the matter based on several inquiries about membership. Please review the two options that best address your present financial concerns. Option A: Join with your first membership dues/donations being $73 than for two months consecutive months your dues will be $73, which will cover the initial 3-months advance dues/donation. On the 4th month of active membership, your dues/donations will be fixed at the standard rate for regular members at $53 a month. Option (A) is merely spreading the initial 3-months dues in advance across three months with payments being $73. You will, however, receive a basic membership package, after three successful months of active membership you w

Moorish Islamic Sunday School @ 2p EST

Pull up Your Understanding and have a Seat. We welcome you to join us for a lively conversation/lesson. Please Subscribe to our channel so that you do not miss any of our live streams every Friday at 7 pm EST and Sunday at 2 pm EST. We welcome any donations of love as it helps us to support our Moorish Islamic communities within the State and Federal prisons, as well as our remote community in the Virgin Islands, that is needing great assistance. You can either Cash App $MSTA1928 or at . We extend our sincere gratitude in advance during these difficult times for the World. We know this to shall pass for Allah is leading us on to Victory.

What Qualifies A Moorish American Historian/Scholar/Researcher?

Many Moorish Americans that have written books will often self identify as being bonafide Moorish Historians and or Scholars. Tonight we will talk about self-appointed Moorish Historians/Scholars to see if they actually meet up to the general academic standards and religious standards set by our Beloved Prophet Drew Ali. Join us @ 7pm EST for thought-provoking dialogue. No Drama just scholarly Dialogue. Every Thursday at @ 7pm EST via YouTube Live Stream "If the TRUTH be TOLD!"

The Princess and The Prophet

We first raise in giving all praises to Allah and giving honors to Allah in the person of our Holy Prophet of Islam, who is both the true founder of Islam in America and founder of The Moorish Science Temple of America. This day we extend honors to all whom honors are due. The book “Princess and the Prophet,” authored by Dr. Jacob Dorman, has received much attention from the Moorish American communities. Absence of empirical research by the author Professor Dorman, many questions from Moorish Americans as to the real intent of the research attributed to the book have surfaced. The internal history of the life of Prophet Drew Ali achieved within the Moorish Science Temple of America has been

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