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Recap of MITI Open House

If you missed MITI Open House Webinar yesterday you missed out on seeing the very first Moorish Islamic Theocratic Institute online school. We will have another Open House in the Fall, however we welcome you to visit our site to see the ONLY Moorish Islamic Online school.

We Reserved a Seat For You!

RSVP Today on For Our Webinar Open House. We want you to Experience the Journey of the ONLY Moorish Islamic Online Institute. Refreshments and Snacks are encourage bring what you like in the comfort of where ever you choose to be we trust it will be with us.

Islam In America A Moorish Perspective~

Islam continues to be Viewed, Explained, and Practice from an Arab perspective falsy, giving the impression that if Islam was not practiced from an Arab perspective, it is wrong in the sights of Allah. We welcome you to join our LIVE Stream as we explore many of the injustices that continue to be inforced on our people under the cloak of Al-Islam/ Arabization. YOUTUBE LIVE STREAM

Can We Talk?

Take a Deep Breath....Let's Try that Again! Live Streaming via YouTube Channel: MSTA1928

Blessed HolyDay Service: This Too Shall Pass

We welcome you to join us for a uplifting experience in being Informed and Educated about the Faith of Islam from a Moorish American perspective. Live Streaming via YouTube channel: MSTA1928.

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