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A Beautiful Transition

Islam Beloved Family this morning we was called to perform the final Islamic ritual rites for our Muslim Brother Yusef. He has declined greatly his Mother at his side she was so grateful for us being there for her son. When we recited Allahu akbar, Bro. Yusef had sat up yelling as loud as he was able to shout ALLAH AKBAR!! three times. We read the prescribed verses from our Old Testament (Qur’an of Mecca) and asked the required 3 questions which he answered correctly.❤

He stated to the Chief repeatedly saying " I am Ready" he asked for his prayer rug and zikir beads. It was a peaceful experience.

The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928/ Moorish Temples of Islam was called and we answered as servants of Allah.

The first day of Our Moorish Ramadan we honor the body as it served our Brother well. May we all reflect our Divine purpose and active mission in this life. May we all strive to serve Allah fully in thoughts, acts, and deeds. Peace and Forever Love in Perfect Praise to Allah. ✌🏾♥️🤲🏾


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