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Islam!! We are beyond proud of our family Study Group #2 for representing The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928/ Temples of Islam.

Rep. Isaac Robinson Coronavirus Urban Response and Workers Rights Task Force.

Roundtable Discussion with Faith and Community Leaders, Focus includes impact on Workers, Small Businesses, Children, Persons with Disabilities, Seniors, and Low-Income families.

Student Iman Asar Saadi El presented issues that our Moorish community is seeking assistance with. Although our prison outreach ministry has had positive effects with inmates who choosen the faith of Islam via the Moorish Science Temple of America-1928. The Michigan Department of Correction (MDOC) continues to present a plethora of challenges against us in our mission to meet the spiritual needs of our members house at various MDOC facilities. At present we are the only active Moorish Science Temple of America community able to meet the spiritual and moral needs of inmates housed within the State and Federal prisons. We not only provide a host of Moorish Islamic publications, we also provide a comprehensive Islamic correspondence course for inmates. We also provide spiritual and life coaching support to inmates and their families.

To support and learn more about our prison outreach ministry please visit our website at www.msta1928.org or contact us at ph.888.361.2499

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