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A Moabitess Message of Love to her Husband

I Got Your BACK!!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Allah has Blessed us another year in our union as one under the covenant of Islam. I celebrate you Husbandman, Teacher, Leader, Spiritual Guide, Travel buddy and the love of my life. There has never been a time I had any regrets of summiting to the honorable appointed station of wife, as Allah is certainly the best of planners.

I have not only seen myself grow in understanding but witness the seasoning of your wisdom. I have come not only to appreciate your sternness in defending the Divine ordinance of our Beloved Prophet Drew Ali and the faith of Islam practiced by Moorish Americans.

I have grown to become your most faithful fearless advocate, I would step in front of a bullet if it meant your life to be spared. I love you beyond tomorrow knowing that you are truly without a doubt my soul mate for in spirit we reside as one. Most people judge you by their feelings and miss seeing your mighty spirit as a defender of the faith because it’s just to fine for their fleshly eyes.

Shaykh Ra Saadi El know that I love you strong removed from earthly attachments, as I once told you that I prayed for you before I actually met you. I pray to Allah everyday to keep you safe from sickness and harm, I have appointed myself as your earthly custodian to care for you, to assist you in all your affairs and life toils, and to make sure that your home is comfortable and peaceful.

I thank you for always apologizing even when I am the one at fault, you have never broken a promise to us and you always seek to make sure that all my needs and most of my wants are met. I recall that it was your words that spoke to me over the phone when you resided in California, you comforted the heart of a deeply grieving daughter whose Mother passed formed several months prior. I would than receive my first lesson that death is no enemy to man.

I remember not so long ago you seemed as if your life tasks were done as if Allah was calling you forth. You was in such a weakened frail state and in so much pain. I was terrified to think that you was going to pass form. I wasn't prepared nor was I in the mental state to accept your faith. It was a HolyDay as I stood by your bedside you whisper to me, "go make your meeting". I thought you to be out of your mind telling me to make my meeting, just when the nurse said they was moving you to the ICU because your organs were shunting down.

However, although begrudgingly I left your bedside to make my HolyDay meeting in total fear you would pass form without me to whisper the Holy name in your ear and ask you the three questions of faith. I made my meeting to deliver a Kubah about faith and perseverance. You taught me the ability to speak my words into the manifest and know that may duty is to Allah first.

You taught me not to fear the naysayers, to keep the Prophet out front. You taught me to always speak the truth even if it means to lose so-called friends, family, or fortune. To know that holding fast to the strict caveats of our Beloved Prophet Drew Ali would mean to be isolated and shunned. I prayed a sincere devotional prayer to have peace of mind and the strength to continue on the Journey with you in my heart if not in the physical. Praise be to Allah!!!! for being the best of planners in seeing fit to restore His most faithful Moslem Warrior to good health.

You continue to draw faithful Moslems unto your heart and even your enemies who always seem to fail in their feeble attempts to destroy you. Knowing that you are a fierce Moorish Moslem to have leading the charge, for the battle is already won.

You have created Moorish Islamic standards that is seen within many Moorish Temple community, although many will not confess to the truth in knowing that fact. You set the bar as a Moorish Leader with your years of work as a Moslem, for many great things have been authored and attributed by you under the guidance of Allah.

I recall a time when the pain in my legs was so severe you sat up all night rocking me in your arms whispering the Holy name in my ears. I have years of blessed memories of all the love you have given, even when you get upset with me you always make sure to give me a hug to let me know that in the mist of being upset your love will wash the slate clean. I can certainly write a novel about the amazing life that Allah has blessed me to share with you. So many Moorish Americans are so grateful and blessed to have met you, I being one amongst them.

When People hate on You because You give NO wiggle room for Folly and Lies..I Got Your Back!💪🏾

When Moorish Americans Try to discredit you because You are Able to Call the Law and Blow up Their Conjecture and Subjective reasoning..I Got Your Back!💪🏾

When Moors get Vexed because you Hold them to the caveats of our Prophet Drew Ali...I Got Your Back!💪🏾

When Moors rather assume you are a mean spirited person, not knowing your true nature to be a defender of the Gospel of Ali... I Got Your Back!💪🏾

When Moors want to parakeet what has turned into an empty idiom, "You Need to Love Instead of to Hate", not knowing the true intent of the statement by Prophet Drew Ali... I Got Your Back!💪🏾

When clowns 🤡 wants to create an entire YouTube show in their feeble attempt to discredit you because they are mad you can see their true evil nature and know of their made up authority. I Got Your Back!💪🏾

When former members who left the Holy City of the MSTA1928 because their feelings weakened their resolve giving their lower selve complete control. When former members who after years honored you publicly as their leader and teacher and even claimed you as their Father to only now become full Hippocrates🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️. I Got Your Back!💪🏾

When you are tried and drained from working so hard, talking hours to Moorish Americans who are humble and sincere in seeking your wisdom, knowledge and well known scholarship. I Got Your Back!💪🏾

❤❤❤So Husband I Celebrate🎉🍰 you today on your Birthday which is our Moorish Holy month of Ramadan , Hajj and the official Moabite Day for our Moorish community. I Celebrate my life with you, know that I will always have your back, as you have mines. Blessed Sunday School & Birthrite Day to you Beloved , Love you Beyond this physical life as we journey together to return back to the Spirit plane in being one with Allah. It is Allah that has both our Backs without a Doubt!! ❤❤❤❤

Always Peace & Forever Love in Praise to Allah.✌🏾❤🤲🏾

Your Wife For Life

GG/Yssis Saadi El/QM


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