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Today much controversy surrounding The Moorish Science Temple of America continues in a world where information can be obtained instantly; however, much of the information remains to go unvetted, unresearched, and not investigated. For decades, inquiring minds continue to seek understanding and acceptance of Moorish American Nationality and gain clarity about the religion of Islam from a Moorish American perspective. The great cause of the controversy is not knowing the truth about the Moorish Science Temple of America and its Founder, Prophet Drew Ali. Many Moorish Americans today have very little to no knowledge about the multifaceted complexities that evolved out of control after the death of Prophet Drew Ali.

There is a more significant lack of historical knowledge as it relates to the governmental structure of The Moorish Science of America and a pure understating about the Divine teachings of Islam taught by Prophet Drew Ali. True History has a way to set things in order and remove all assumptions, untruths, and speculation. The Controversy Continues Webinar Lecture is meant to bring faithful followers of Prophet Drew Ali and those who support his teachings on a Guided Historical Journey. The only tool we highly recommend for this journey is the book "The Controversial Years of The Moorish Science Temple of America" Researched and Compiled by Shaykh Ra Saadi El/ Chief of Ministers.

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."

---Marcus Garvey

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