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Addressing Membership during Difficult Times

We have addressed the matter based on several inquiries about membership. Please review the two options that best address your present financial concerns. Option A: Join with your first membership dues/donations being $73 than for two months consecutive months your dues will be $73, which will cover the initial 3-months advance dues/donation. On the 4th month of active membership, your dues/donations will be fixed at the standard rate for regular members at $53 a month. Option (A) is merely spreading the initial 3-months dues in advance across three months with payments being $73. You will, however, receive a basic membership package, after three successful months of active membership you will receive the remaining items of a full membership package. Option B: Join with your first Membership dues/donations being $109, which is half of the initial 3-months advance dues payment of $219. You will receive the full membership package. Your next 2 months dues/donation payments will be $55, which you would have completed the sum of the initial 3-months $219 membership advance payment. In the fourth month you will be locked in the regular membership dues/donations of $53 a month. Feel free to reach out to us with the option that best meets your present finical situation needs. We at The Moorish Science Temple of American-1928 / Moorish Temples of Islam understanding the financial stain the current national crisis is having on many people across the country. We are a self-supported Islamic society; it is the financial support of our faithful members and supporters that contributes to the complete operations of all that we do in service to humanity. Please visit our membership page to move further into becoming an active member of our community; each option above will be online for you. Allow us to welcome you to the Journey! Peace and Love in Praise to Allah Feel free to reach out to us with the option that best meets your present financial situation.


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