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A Lesson Given A Lesson Put to Practice

[Picture Shaykh Ra Saadi El (Teacher)& Shaykh Alii Ben Bey (Student)]

It is always a blessing not only to share a good story; but a Great Lesson. We extend gratitude to Shaykh Alii Ben Bey an active and faithful member and officer within The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928, whose present leadership is under the renowned Islamic scholar, Moorish historian and National Leader Shaykh Ra Saadi El/SGS.

We are proud to be under the direction of a great leader who guidance and natural ability to teach continues to shine from his students. Below is a written account of a situation that took placed with Shaykh Alii Ben Bey who then shared it with is leader/teacher Shaykh Ra Saadi El/SGS.

"Islam Chief, All Praise to Allah and Honor to His Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali. I also want to extend honors to you as well for being such a great teacher. I wanted to share with you my encounter with two Masons today. An Asiatic brother, older than myself, came in my office looking to buy a health insurance policy. As we were talking I notice that he picked up his cellphone and leaned back in the chair as if to type a text message. I now believe he was taking a picture of me because I was wearing my circle seven charm. I had it on the side with the sword and star.

Then out of nowhere he ask me "where are you from"?. I answered him (as you taught us with the lessons) and then he asked "what you do there"? I answered him (with a higher degree as you taught) but this time I followed up my answer with "how about you"? He started laughing and stated "oh you got jokes"! I said "do I look like I'm laughing". He said it again "you got jokes" and then the mason in my office said I have to call somebody for you. So he started calling someone on his cell phone. I heard the phone ringing and then a person picked up, and the brother in my office but the phone on speaker and said to me "said to him what you said to me". I ask both of them "who is demanding a test of me"? The man on the phone gave his position, which was one of the highest ranking official in the STATE LODGE.

I was shocked!!! He really called someone to help him. I couldn't help myself I started smiling. So I asked the man on the phone "what was the pass word"? He stated "I can't say it on the phone". Then the mason on the phone asked me who was I. I told him that I was the one lying down and what I was doing. I then told him I was the one that fell and how nothing happen to me. I went on to tell him what I crossed and how I did it. I then told him where I was placed and how I left that place and continue on my way. I finish by asking him "who do you say I am"? He got quiet for a moment and then said "I can't answer that on the phone either". Now I'm really smiling even harder. That's when I said "Well I guess this is where we part ways. The high mason on the phone then said "are you going to leave me like this"? Now I had to pause...I said to him you can't answer, so I must go. He said " you may have fallen back down after you got up. I told him "no I don't think so" We bid each other peace and before the brother in my office could take the phone off speaker the higher mason on the phone said " I see where you are". I told him "I see where you are as well". This only happen because I was wearing my charm around my neck. Which is probably why Bro. R. Jones-Bey, Grand Sheik of the 34 group (M.S.T. of A. Inc.) said to the Moors in a adept meeting at a national convention that they should not be wearing their charms. Because "if you knew what the charm (he called it an amulet) meant you wouldn't wear it. Especially on the side with the swore and star, because someone may walk up to you and start questioning you about it and you will not know what to say." Thanks to your teaching and explaining what the Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali brought us, I can now wear my amulet to fight off evil and protect myself. A true teacher treads the way and on every span of ground he leaves his footprint clearly cut which all can see and be assured that he their MASTER went that way. Thank you Chief for not being a block of wood." Peace and Love Praise Allah

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