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Our Moorish Islamic community (Study Group #5) located in St. Thomas VI, is asking that you don't forget about them. Over past several weeks’ cities, township and communities has undergone devastation due to nature fury of hurricanes. We have witness the destruction in real time due to live news stream; people are still missing, families are still homeless and communities remain without clean drinking water, food and shelter. At present the Virgin Islands resembles a war torn country; known for its breathtaking beautiful beaches it will be years before it is able to lure tourist as a vacation paradise.

We are humble in seeking financial support for our Moorish Islamic community “Study Group #5” located in St. Thomas VI; they have been hit hard; our community is in desperate need of help. Our St. Thomas Moorish community consist of families with small children as young as 3 years old; if you wish to donate nonperishable items, clothing, children toys, etc please contact us directly at 888.361.2499.

The finance will go towards assisting with the essential food, clothing, shelter and medical attention. We will share with you how your financial blessings went to assist our Moorish Islamic community in St. Thomas VI. Please pass this on to those on your social media page; no donation is too small we considered it all a peaceful blessing from those who carry big hearts of benevolence. Our community is asking that you; “Please don’t forget about St. Thomas VI.”

The photos are from our 2015 “Sisters Spiritual Retreat” in St. Thomas hosted by Study Group #5. Our faith, hope and love is with Allah as this too shall pass.

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