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What's in a Name?

The receiving of a Holy Name means you are receiving something sacred. When our forefathers would choose a name for a newborn child, the name had meaning. It foreshadowed a principal and virtual that was bestowed upon the child. It was the hope that the child would grow and manifest the name for the benefit of not only his family but also the nation. Even the Catholic Church issues out a new name during the confirmation process and ending with the Bishop saying "Peace be with you."

When becoming a Moorish Citizen, an adept, it is primarily the duty of the Grand Sheik, father of the temple, to choose the name for the new citizen who's conscious has been reborn. The pride of receiving this new name should stir up the spirit in them to aspire to live up to their new scare name. It is with this new name the family will rebuild the Moorish Nation and preserve the laws of our government. Abram became Abraham, Jacob became Israel, Simon because Peter and even Saul became Paul. When a man's walk with God changes everything about the man changes, from the way he thinks, down to his name.

When Prophet Noble Drew Ali told the Asiatic to proclaim their nationality, He wasn't just instructing them to carry a card to their wallets with a Bey or El added to their current surnames. He was leading them into the state of nationhood. Proclaiming one's nationality is just the first step. Once in the temple then comes the re-introduction to our Father God Allah. Once the Holy Prophet gave the Moors everything it took to save a nation, it was our responsibility to extend the proclamation process. By giving back to the Europeans those things that would prevent us from rebuilding our nation. Which includes the names by which we would be fruitful and multiply under. We were told that the day would come when the European would return home, after which time we would be left to govern ourselves.

Are we truly going to rebuild a free Moorish Nation with European names? Many nations have fallen during a war, but none have rebuilt themselves on the principle and customer of those that had defeated them. Japanese, nor Chinese, not even the European have adopted the names of those that have conquered them.So why should we? Peace !

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