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The Princess and The Prophet

We first raise in giving all praises to Allah and giving honors to Allah in the person of our Holy Prophet of Islam, who is both the true founder of Islam in America and founder of The Moorish Science Temple of America. This day we extend honors to all whom honors are due.

The book “Princess and the Prophet,” authored by Dr. Jacob Dorman, has received much attention from the Moorish American communities. Absence of empirical research by the author Professor Dorman, many questions from Moorish Americans as to the real intent of the research attributed to the book have surfaced. The internal history of the life of Prophet Drew Ali achieved within the Moorish Science Temple of America has been omitted from the book, which presents many questions from Moorish Americans. Within the authored works of “Princess and a Prophet,” there is nothing to note the divinely inspired purpose in which Prophet Drew Ali was able to influence an ethnic group who were, in fact, stripped of their language, names, religion, history, and nationality. There has not been anyone within the history of America that has connected the African American people to their true identity other than Prophet Drew Ali. Prophet Drew Ali did not merely state to a lost people that they are not negro, black, colored, or African American without teaching them the reason why. Historical research influenced by European scholars about the descendants of Africa will often have undertones with misnomer identities and to marginalize the history of Moorish Americans that is hidden under layers of debatable theoretical research.

It is the intent to have the history of Prophet Drew Ali and the Moorish Science Temple of American honestly represented, which is why further dialogue is needed to influence retractions and corrections within the academic historical societies. There is, in fact, a potential threat to the integrity and credibility of Moorish American communities when a pass is given not to correct published inaccurate accounts and egregious representation of our Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

It should be understood that our query of Jacob Dorman's publication is not to denigrate his scholarly works, rather to have a healthy examination of his research. We wish to have an open dialogue about Prophet Drew Ali alleged life reached by Dorman before his Prophethood, to provide a more accurate depiction of his life as a true Prophet of Allah.

Continue to follow us for part 2 about “The book “Princess and the Prophet,” authored by Dr. Jacob Dorman, within the academic historical societies. We hope to host another video podcast with Professor Jacob Dorman, his colleagues, and accredited Moorish Islamic historians and researchers. It is time for a scholarly approach to our issues; we welcome Moorish American leaders to join in a scholarly dialogue of correction. It's time to take charge of writing our history.

The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928, designated as The Moorish Temples of Islam.

Queen Mother, Yssis Saadi El/GG

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01 abr 2020

Islam if we don't take the opportunity to read the book how can Moorish Americans adequately argue with accurate information and not subjective reasoning.

Me gusta
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