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Building The NEW official website of The Moorish Science Temple of America-1928

It has been an insane loving task in building the NEW website of The MSTA1928. We never use predesigned templates only because we found nothing that best suites the overall impression we seek to display to the world through our websites. We are only in the beginning stages of the over design as we needed to at least get the home page up and functioning only because the former webhosting company failed at their job. However we look to have the entire website up and fully functioning with the nest few months. We have some awesome programs and several events coming up in the coming months.

As the Annual 88th Convention of The Moorish Science Temple of America was absent of picture taking and much socializing this year it was strictly about business and building; setting goals, exchanging ideas in setting achievable plans in the coming year without fail or folly. We welcome you to follow us via our blogs and social connections such as Facebook and Twitter, we will still however keep doing what we do and that is to inform, educate and uplift.

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