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Reflection of Allah's Prophet

The thought of Allah was manifested in flesh January 8th, 1886. As a Prophet unaware he for many years was being prepared in mind and character; as a young adult fully unveiled of his Prophet hood he appeared before his people as a unique philosopher, a spiritual reformer, a renowned restorer and molder of the pure Islamic faith, Moorish culture and moral concepts, an illustrious religious spokesman, a great leader, a judge of the highest eminence, uncompromising and an incomparable General. This Moorish Moslem sage, spoke with adept learning and wisdom, liken of which none had said before and none could say after him for the concerns of his people in America. He expounded the complex problems of the metaphysics, Islamic philosophy and theology; he taught on the creation of man and manufactured defect of mankind; the decline, fall and rise of nations and empires; supporting his thesis with historical and irrefutable facts which has gone unchallenged to date.

He reviewed the achievements of old reformers, passed judgments on the various religions of the world, and gave verdicts on their differences and disputes between nations. He taught ethical canons, principles of Moorish Islamic culture and traditions. He formulated religious laws, social, economic, organizational, moral conduct and international relations; whose wisdom amazed world-renowned heads of governments, thinkers and scholars alike; who were only able to grasp a portion of this wisdom after lifelong research, vast experience of things and the knowledge of man.

With his teachings of the pure faith of Islam in America it caused several individuals to unfold progressively as they were able to advance in theoretical knowledge and practical experience resulting in the establishment of Islamism, nationalism and other faith-based organization presently existing today. This vigilant and peace-loving servant of Allah who was never known to have even handle a weapon was seen as a brave solider; never known to retreat however fierce life battles was placed upon him. He became such a Great Leader that within a few years he would reined over ten thousand followers which resulted in the establishment of fifteen branch Temples and twenty-one subordinate Temples across these United States of America.

This reserved and discreet man who from 1913 to 1929; never gave any indication of any political interest of activity other than to place his people back into the affairs of Nations once again. He seemed to appeared suddenly on the stage of the world as a revered religious and social reformer without the aid of social media, internet, technology, cell phones, fax machines or television. He was able to bring together under one National banner, one law, one religion creed, one culture, one nationality and one form of a theoretical government to a people who were stripped of their true religion of Islam, their history, traditions, their National names and principles; along with social and moral conduct.

He reformed the social ills of his people who were weak in mind and faint of heart; plunged into the undergrowth of disappeared in a hatred that ran deep within of self and kind. Prophet Ali would change the modes of thought and conduct, customs and morals; he turned the uncouth into a culture people, the uncivilized into the most civilized, the evil doers and bad characters into pious God-fearing righteous people. The unruly, unjust and obstinate nature was transformed into models of obedience, humbly submissive to Allah, practitioners of Islam, abiders of the Law and followers of Order.

Within these United States of America, under his influence and guidance, gave birth to thousands of noble souls clothed in flesh that presently goes forth to the far corners of the world to inform, educate and uplift using the principles of love, truth, peace, freedom and justice; along with morals and righteous conduct. He accomplished this feat not through any worldly lure, oppression or cruelty, but by his love for humanity, his moral personality and truthful pure teachings. With his noble and gentle behavior, he turned hearts of stone into a loving vessel of self and kind; as he would even feed his enemies at the gate. He captured the hearts of this people with his unbounded sympathy and milk of human kindness.

He ruled justly, he did not deviate from truth nor righteousness. He did not oppress even his deadliest enemies who seek to do him harm. He triumphed over them all forgetting not his enemies never took revenge on anyone. Although he was the ruler over the Moorish American Nation in this era of time; Prophet Ali was selfless and modest that he remained very simple and sparing in all his habits. He would came to the rescue of the spiritually destitute and the socially penniless. Upon his later years there was not the slightest ting of royal pomp or hauteur of the high and mighty in him. Like any ordinary man of spiritual greatness, he would sit and talk with his people in sharing their joys as well as their sorrows.

He never sought any reward or profit for himself, as he left us all that was needed to save ourselves. Even in his weakened state he continued to teach from the roster as he coughed up blood due to the progressiveness of Tuberculosis; he remained on post duty bound in continuing to lead and care for his people. His mission on this plane of manifest was fully completed on July 20th, 1929; it was only by the will of Allah he was called forth for his work was done; leaving a clear-cut path by which all Moorish American Moslems are to follow.

His Divine mission will continue to live even with one True and Faithful Moorish American Moslem who holds strong and steadfast to the True Mission of uplifting Fallen Humanity in the propagation of the faith of Islam while extending the learning and truth of the Great Prophet Ali in America. We give high honors to Allah’s love thought manifested in Divine Flesh; Our Jesus come again in the Noblest of image a Beloved Prophet in this era of time; the first American born Prophet Noble Drew Ali.



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