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How interesting to see the vast amount of social media attention given to a less than a minute clip of a television series titled “Elementary”. Which the titled itself speaks to a greater reflection of the script dialog that is exchange by one of the characters who sees himself as a sovereign. Not recognizing the United States Government nor his “Slave name” Mr. Greenlee for which he insisted to be called “Joe Bey”. However it does not take the well developed skills of a great detective that is portrayed by the fictional character, “Sherlock Holmes” to discern the hyperbole of sovereignty associated with the name “Bey”.

It is well understood that the National names of “El” and “Bey” are generally and understood to be associated with all Moorish Americans who are active members within The Moorish Science Temple of America and well as the misguided ones who have taken up the claim of the sovereignty degree which is very understood to be that of a European idea and conception.

This very brief demonstration within this particular episode speaks to a greater acknowledgement that the controlling powers of said government remains to regulator the content that is display before the face of this society. For Moorish Americans to remain discontent and disconnected with the binding powers of the laws instituted by our beloved Prophet Drew Ali; we will continue to see such reflections of mockery being displayed in this manner which is a obvious attempt to be directed to persons who seek understanding outside of the Moorish Science Temples.

Until a National acknowledgment of enforced directive that is instituted and strictly governed by faithful Moorish Americans there will always be divers understandings of the single prefect idea given as a gift of understanding by our Father God Allah. We find it well to see a large active response to something other than a posting of someone selfie taken in the bathroom, dinner plate of some unrecognizable foods or some unflattering outfit three sizes to small.

It is often seen as common place to post behind a thought or idea that has no general standing of commitment to change in challenging wrongful thoughts and cookie-cut ideas based on hearsay and conjecture. Too many Moorish Americans seeking to be liked rather than stand for the truth not seeking friends, fame or fortune; as a truth teller is often despised by the masses while being respected by the true and faithful. Which is why we are putting to the test with greatest of hope; that all Moorish Americans will seek to unite with the true Laws that was given by Prophet Drew Ali for all Moorish Americans to govern themselves by and be recognized by the Governments of the worlds.

There is no disunity of The Moorish Science Temple of America the disunity is reflected by Moorish Americans who continue to be disconnected from the laws instituted by Prophet Drew Ali. It’s really elementary to get right and stay right in having Allah to continue to guided and protect…victory is assured

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We are inviting Moorish Americans to attend The Constitutional Conference is not to be compared or confused with the so-called “Unity Conference” that has been gathering each year and yet to established a working agenda. The Constitutional Conference that will be hosted by Grand Temple #4 in Syracuse NY July 21st-24th 2016; it will only be a total of three conferences. Great time and committed efforts went into every detail of the layout with this monumental much anticipated event. We would like to share in covering a brief outline to the first as well as each proceeding conference.

  • 1st Introduction of the agenda, a formulated breakdown of The Moorish Science Temple of America Divine Constitution and by Laws, additional laws along with rules and regulations prescribe by Prophet Drew Ali. Collaboration on workable ideas, and establishing full commitment to the governing process in order to proceed forward.

  • 2nd Conference analyzing detailed reports on the works and ideas that was instituted during the 1st conference, making of any changes in order to improve on ideas or to remove any measures of hindrance.

  • 3rd Conference is to celebrate the noted establishment birthed from the constitutional conferences upon workable directive. Signing the formulation of strict directives in conjunction with the adherence of established laws that will be legal and binding henceforward.

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