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The Southern Poverty League Center (SPLC) with their slanderous attacks in making false claims that Moorish Science Temple of America demonstrates degrees of madness and mayhem. According to locale Chicago news reports, “Marcel A. Walton, 47, of Chicago, received the sentence last Friday in U.S. District Court where he earlier pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud in the scheme that actually “stole” $2 million in bogus refunds from the U.S. Treasury.”

This Marcel person has been doing this for years which for years the MSTA1928 leadership has denounced him as a fraud. When Moorish Americans are closed lipped about the foolish of FAKE Moorish Americans, this is what you GET!!!! You open the door for groups like the “Southern Poverty League” to do a smear campaign making the MSTA seems like a joke and unreal.

For years people have contacted our National leadership to complain about Marcel A. Walton and many others like him, with many Moorish Americans in Chicago who have said “NOTHING!!” of what Marcel Walton has done is because many of them either received a benefit by turning their heads or simply don’t give a damn. While others only sit back with their hands over their eyes, ears and month; believing if they don’t bear witness it does not exist. The Southern Poverty League is the least of the problems presented for the MSTA; it is those who continue to lie, steal and betrayed making claims of being Moorish Americans that needs to be dealt with swiftly. This Marcel A. Walton person in all his tricky did not attribute one dime in building a massive Moorish Temple in Chicago to show his love to Allah and the Prophet. No such benefit done in the name of the MSTA can be attributed to him. Mr. Walton had over a million dollars in his possession; he could have been noted as the modern day “Robin Hood”; he is just a fool that was robbing people in the hood. When enough people continue to make false promises, words stop meaning anything, then there are no more answers, only better and better lies, and lies won't help us in this fight in uplifting fallen humanity.

The Moorish Science Temple of America founded by Prophet Drew Ali has endured a plethora of abuse, identity theft, plagiarism and false representation. With the so-called Moorish Americans who are either self-appointed with no traces of lineage to their succession of leadership. We see the self-proclaimed showing no qualifications or accreditation to teach; there are those who claim you don't need to join the Moorish Science Temple of America to state a claim of Moorish American nationality. This is an expression of a greater measure of the internal problematic issues that are being addressed by many who are not qualified to lead or teach due to their sheer lack of understanding of what our Beloved Prophet taught and how he established the MSTA as a theocratic monarchy.

With many self-proclaimed MSTA leaders and their inner circle of comrades who are actively indulging in illicit activities, disguising it as the MSTA will always be absent in getting in the limelight. To point out the evil deeds of other so-called Moorish Americans will only cast them on the examining table to be dissected only to reveal they are absent of truth, morality, and spirituality. We can list in great detail the history of the systemic pathology of the serious nature of the MSTA; however what is truly needed is workable solutions.

The truth is simple presented unornamented; having merely to do with folks being humble and sincere; it starts with an empty cup. Being a vessel led by an unfeigned willingness to be led, instructed, taught and guided to a truthful understanding. Firstly one must know that a guide is needed, and that guide is having a soiled history and the road-map of the journey. Having an objective account of a creditable history of Prophet Drew Ali with the growth and development of the MSTA will give any sincere seeker a foundation to build upon and measuring tools to compare the dichotomy between public opinions and truth.

Having apathy of the MSTA history and the teachings of Prophet Drew Ali will only continue to give cause to folks liken to the infamous RV publications, Mr. Marcel A. Walton, Moorish Republic, E. Pleasant Bey along with a host of other insidious people. These people will continue to discredited and destroy the integrity of our Prophet Drew Ali mission with their misleading mission of death and destruction. There are no videos showing people in America opening a bank account without a state ID or USA Passport, having car insurance, even passing the TSA checkpoint to fly. You will see videos of folks driving a trap car with most of them looking as if they are in need of food, clothing, and shelter. There are no REAL success stories; just short sound bites and false claims of people wanting you to believe because they need you to for the imagined to be real for them. It is not different for some Christians believing in the blood of Jesus prayer soap and the money green prayer cloth all part of the divine holy ministry prayer package; all for $29.99. It will wash your problems away and get your mortgage and car note paid; “if it doesn't work it is only because you lack in belief”; a sad reality of people merely seeking salvation in man-made ideas.

In closing, we give praises to Allah every day for the means of a home in which my husband and I own; that also aids in providing a place for our loved ones to live if needed. We own our vehicle which is our source of transportation; we also pay car insurance just in case of an accident, etc.; we pay taxes because it is part of our reciprocal obligations. Did I state we also possess State driver’s license with a registered state tag. Nevertheless, the truth is too ordinary for many folks; as nothing for them will be deemed legit unless it has the stamp of a European establishment; which is a comparison to slaves “Freedom papers.”

However, no matter how many news articles or social media postings displaying a plethora of failed attempts of those executing “Right-to Road Travel,” “UCC/ Sovereignty filings”, “Moorish National Indigenous status” and “Indigenous Tax Exempt status” along with a host of other frivolous court filings. People will continue to seek any means of a solution to their carnal problems; a drowning person will see a floating brick as a means of survival.

This message is for those seeking a better understanding we are not trying to convince or persuade anyone to join us; just merely showing a safe way to a lifeboat rather than throwing you a brick.

Contact the MSTA1928 if you’re seeking a truthful understanding and being part of a community with dedicated Moorish Americans Moslems.

From The Chicago Sun Times

From the SPL Center

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