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Interfaith Exchange

Interfaith Exchange Embracing the Understanding of One God

Having an active participation within interfaith groups have provided members within The MSTA-1928 community the opportunity to learn about other faiths that embrace a sincere appreciation of culture, tradition and the one God principle. In the past years, we have had a fantastic opportunity to attend a Hindu community, two Sikh temples and an interfaith celebration at a Jewish Synagogue; we enjoyed their foods, music and gained an accurate understanding of their faith in sharing personal experience and theological knowledge.

We have come to have a deeper appreciation for each of the various religious communities; having the opportunity to share our Moorish culture and faith of Islam extended the reach of fellowship and to dispel false doctrine about the teachings of Prophet Drew Ali. Too often a lot of assumptions are made about other cultures and their belief; I learned that people of different culture and faiths have more in common than uncommon.

Just to witness Christians, Jews, Hindus and those in Islam come together and break bread in fellowship and love was an excellent experience. It is interesting to note that within the religious holy book “Circle 7 Koran” of the Moorish Science Temple of America give a clear measure of Jesus engagement with interfaith with him teaching among the Jews, Hindus, and Buddhist. As Moorish Americans, we live to reflect the humanity that all Prophets of Allah shared among those open to truth.

We welcome you to visit our Moorish Islamic community to learn more about our faith of Islam from Moorish American perspective.


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