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Caveat Emptor! (Buyer Beware)

(Faces were blotted out to protect the ignorant)

Budweiser present the 2019 Bootleg Tour

Though the title may be funny, the reality of what is occurring is not. We all have seen the pictures and videos. So-call Moors are going around the country holding seminar teaching unsuspecting Asiatic about the right to road travel. Steps on correcting their straw-man name status, UCC filling and the like. All under the banner of being a Moorish American and at the same time standing with the Moorish Flag as a backdrop. These teaching have caused many Asiatic brothers and sister to find themselves spouting off at the police about their Moorish Birthright, waving the Moorish Flag out of their vehicles and even squatting in vacant properties. All this while citing a 242-year-old Moorish Treaty that can’t protect them. These crooks are allowed to pander their lies for one reason. There are not enough true Moorish American Moslem standing up with a loud voice denouncing these individual and calling them what they truly are, FRAUDS! For over 40 years, I have worked tirelessly trying to do what my Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali has asked all true Moor to do. Which is invite the Asiatics of America to Islam. During my travels, I have been met with opposition, not from the European, not from Christians, not from Jews, but from Moors professing to be of my faith. And while fighting and debating with me, the real enemy goes unchecked. The pretended Moorish scholar is allowed to spread a false doctrine while using the name of a Holy Man.

Over the years, I have been labeled challenging to deal with, accused of speaking too harsh, criticize for name calling. With all the thing I’ve been accused of, I’ve never been called a coward. I’ve never been accused of standing by idle and watching wrongdoers flourish. I’ve always held in defense of the Prophet Noble Drew Ali and the Moorish Science Temple of America. Now it time for all the true and faithful to do the same. It is time to declare an end to this wickedness. No longer can Moorish leaders standby and shake their head and wag their finger in disgust at the behavior of these charlatans. It is time for all true Moorish Leaders to put aside our difference and fight our true common enemy. Our enemies are those that are misusing the teaching of our Prophet for selfish gain.

While you fight with me over my harsh language, you have allowed thieves to come into our Moorish home and steal our property. You fight with me while these individual are allowed to roam the earth and spread their poison to the very people were are suppose to be sharing our Prophet’s saving power with. Your debt with me over stupidity, such as who is the true successor of the Holy Prophet, instead of joining hands with me to crush these snakes beneath our feet.

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