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Preparation for the Journey for New Members

Islam!! Welcome to the Journey!!

As a New Member living as a Moorish American Moslem there is much to learn and unlearn, as the process will present some challenges, however you are not alone. As an Active Member you will have ample opportunity to discover much with direct guidance. Though you will learn much from attending (in-person, live stream or conference call) Holyday Services & Sunday School we trust that you will take advantage of several learning platforms that is available to all Members. Below is a brief outline to the learning platforms that will meet the needs of your spiritual growth and development as a Faithful Moorish American Moslem. We ask that you visit the MSTA1928 Members Only Community website ( to view the helpful links of books and information to support your studies and general understanding.

3- Months Spiritual Bootcamp (New Members Extended Orientation)

All New Members are directed to the MSTA1928 Community website to join the Spiritual Bootcamp group page. There you will have a blended self-study and guided interaction with various learning tasks to get you acclimated with knowing Moorish Islamic customs, traditions and the overall do’s and don’ts living as a Moorish American Moslem. The 3-months will cover 12 full weeks of active lessons to prepare you for the life journey as a Moorish American Moslem. Similar to the military with their boot-camp training to get soldiers ready for combat, the MSTA1928 is also greed to train New Members however, for the ultimate battle, the battle within (The Lower Selves).


Our Private BAND site is dedicated for daily exchanges of community dialogue about lessons and current events that effects our communities. We also use the BAND site to celebrate our Moorish family success, give support to positive ideas and extend our love in time of struggles and heavy hearts. From new business opportunities, welcoming a baby which is a spirit returning to get to right, saying farewell to loved ones passing forms, relocating to a new city, celebrating birthday, anniversaries. Whether you’re having heath issues or just want to share some wellness tips, your MSTA1928 community BAND site is where we band together as a strong united Islamic community. Please be mindful in sharing outside resources that have not been vetted by the leadership for accreditation, we do not want to add confusion to the pure teachings of Prophet Drew Ali and the pure faith of Islam.

MITI (Moorish Islamic Theocratic Institute)

The ONLY Official Moorish Islamic Institute that provides Moorish Americans with the opportunity to learn Islam, Nationality, History all from a Moorish American perspective from a rudimentary understanding to advanced degrees of scholarship. Whether you are new to the journey or have years on the path in knowing thyself, MITI is a great place to be informed, educated and uplifted as a Moorish American Moslem. After a member has successfully completed the 3-month spiritual boot-camp they are able to register/enroll as a New MITI student. We provide a blended platform of self-paced and guided learning experience; students now have the option of having the actual books or the use of PDF files for each lesson. There are 15 lessons in total giving any Moorish American a strong foundation to build upon. We invite you to view the MITI website to see the full scope of what we have to offer those on the Journey.

Just know as a Member of the MSTA1928 Islamic community you are not alone, we are the ONLY Moorish Islamic Community that offers a complete advance learning platform for our Members.

WE TEACH the PURE FAITH of ISLAM! HOLDING STRONG to the LAWs of Prophet Drew Ali and Our Pure Faith of ISLAM.

Welcome to the Journey!!

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